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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

before I forget.

At some point, I want to share my grinning pleasure about the Devils' hiring of Brent Sutter to be their new head coach. In the meantime, I have to jump across the Hudson for a chucklable nugget. As the 2006-07 regular season wound down, the Devils players had a hard time believing in then-head coach Claude Julien:
With Lamoriello attending to administrative duties and therefore absent from his usual perch at the rink, one of the veterans intentionally shot a puck at Julien during a drill to test how the coach would respond. The story goes that when Julien refused to confront the athlete or even acknowledge the overt act of disrespect, the players concluded that the head coach would have to go, and essentially fired him.
Rough. I wonder how well Julien will fair in the mess that is Boston.

The above exchange may seem unfair, particularly since Julien was brought in with such praise, but New Jersey has a system, plain and simple. You either fit (Brodeur, Stevens, Elias, Brylin) or you do not fit (Guerin, Morrison). I think Rafalski will have success in Detroit, but I see Scotty Gomez being the next Bobby Holik.


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