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Sunday, April 02, 2006

down the shore.

another backdated entry.

this trip to jersey, though short, has been highly productive. in the scant 24 hours I've been in town, I've ... been out to dinner with K, walked a bit through "downtown" toms river, visited the folks, watched divinity play (including a brief passout by mark), kvetched with jim & jill, slept on a couch, attended mass, visited guns at his store (where I bought an ipod), sucked down three brothers pizza and kohr's frozen custard, and watched the waves crash. now here I sit, resting, biding time until dinner, after which I'll probably swing by rick's house before heading back for good.

one of the first visits in a long time where I was glad to be here, but also glad to be heading back. after the sopranos, of course.


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